Steve Wallace joins AFS Foundation Board

At its June 16th, 2015 meeting the Foundation Board unanimously elected Steven C. Wallace as independent Board member. Steve was warmly welcomed onto the Board where he succeeds Francisco Cazal who had tendered his resignation a few weeks earlier. He is the founder and president of The Omanhene Cocoa Bean Company, the first entity to sustain exports of fine quality chocolate from a cocoa-growing country-of-origin.

A Legacy of Leadership

Since 1978, when he was named president of his local high school AFS club, Steve has served AFS in many volunteer capacities, each with increasing responsibility.
He has attended many World Congresses both as a member of the AFS-USA Board and as an AFS International Trustee.  His focus has been on organizational development, asking boards to review their own performance and growth — with special attention paid to choosing the right sorts of leaders for the next set of challenges likely to confront our organization.  

Wallace maintains deep ties to Ghana where he continues to run the path-breaking cocoa and chocolate company he founded 25 years ago. 

He is a trained lawyer and seeks to use his legal skills to best protect the intellectual property of AFS which represents an asset of inestimable value to our organization from both an economic and an historical point of view.

Steve was an AFS exchange student to Ghana in 1978, his family having hosted a student from Ecuador two years previous.

He was one of the youngest members of the Board of AFS-USA where he established and chaired that Board’s first International Committee designed to better relations with other AFS partners and thereby strengthen the entire network.
He served as Vice-Chair of the AFS-USA Board and later as an International Trustee where he chaired the Nominating and Board Development Committee.